The project’s goal is to improve Malawian women and girls’ participation in the socio-economic lives of their communities and address the challenges that promote gender inequalities, through the social construction of favorable norms and elimination of harmful practices.

  • Through the #SheTalks, we create and give space and platform for women and girls to openly speak about and engage on ‘touchy’ subjects with the goal of helping them find their voices, build movement and claim their own space.
  • We also build strategic partnerships with community leaders such as chiefs and religious leaders as they are the custodians of the cultural and religious challenges that women and girls face.
  • SHE also celebrates and promotes women and girls’ achievements, entreprises and initiatives, creating opportunities for inspiration with these success stories serving as models of possibilities to girls.
  • We also enhance the leadership skills and capacities of emerging female leaders and build community around these leaders for support and collaborative action and impact