FUULA is a Chichewa word which means to ‘SHOUT’ and is our flagship campaign to end violence against women and girls EVAWG. Pioneered in 2018, the campaign ran during the 16 Days of Activism and was led by 12 CSOs and coordinated by EGISA. Some of the key achievements were:

  • 7,000 commitments to create ‘Safe Schools & Workplaces’ made
  • 31 VAWG cases reported
  • 175 participants at She Summit, Malawi’s biggest national summit on EVAWG
  • 350 participants at the #PurpleMarch demanding action to end VAWG
  • 62 EVAWG Youth Activists trained and commissioned
  • 16 Champions spotlighted

FUULA 2019 – 2020

Following the 2018 campaign, we invested in an in-depth evaluation of the campaign. Whilst it was evident that the 2018 campaign had played a key role in galvanizing women’s rights activists and pushing for commitments, another common thread emerged from these conversations: despite the gains achieved by the campaign, it had not brought about lasting, fundamental change. It became very clear to us that there is a strong need and desire for sustained, well- coordinated and collective, national action. This feedback led us to articulating a new vision for the FUULA campaign.