Our Strategic Direction in the Alliance

We are building an alliance of individuals and organisations working to enhance access to education and learning outcomes for girls. Our alliance members are individuals and organisations working to advance the rights and educational outcomes of women and girls.

Our Thematic Areas

Our organization's offer is embedded in the following strands of thematic areas: the Alliance, Girls Education, Ending Violence Against Women and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

Building and supporting a strong alliance of grassroots leaders and organisations

with effective strategies, tools and resources to enhance and scale their work.<br /> We are creating a physical and online network to connect leaders to one another so they can share best practices, resources, encouragement, and ideas.

Enhancing access to education and improving learning opportunities and outcomes for girls.

Girls need support to be in and stay in school. Because they face a myriad of barriers in accessing education, we work to eliminate these barriers. We also work to support them with the tools, networks and skills they need to excel and realise their full potential whilst in school.

Creating conducive environments for girls to achieve their full potential.

We work to transform harmful societal norms and practices that hinder girls from becoming all they could be through ongoing engagement with mothers, parents, community leaders (religious, traditional etc), teachers and government.

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